Hello, I'm Matt. Nice to meet you. I'm a Writer/Producer living in Burbank, CA with my black lab mix, Maggie.

I've worked in promotion, branding, and marketing for over twenty years with extensive experience in conceiving, writing, and producing short and long form content for on-air, print, and digital. I've written for talking animals and talking humans, and I especially love writing copy that makes people laugh - Janice at the post office just howls!

I specialize in entertainment for all ages. I was born and raised in the small college town of Athens, GA, and I draw a lot from my family’s down-home humor, giving my personal brand of marketing a unique, fun, and edgy perspective. I do my best to be clever and find the wit in every sound bite or frame of visual.

I've received several Promax Awards, no Emmys or Peabodys yet, but earned a degree from the school that hands those out.

I'd love to work on some great projects with you. Let's chat. Until then, I owe Janice some new material.